What is Flow

Not publicly accessible. Contact us for access. Public launch Q4 2023.
Flow is a transaction marketplace. Transactions sent to Flow are auctioned off to multiple OFAs and block builder, generating revenue for transaction originators (wallets & rpc providers). Transactions are only sold to vetted bidders and monitored for front-running. Bidders that attempt to front-run a transaction will be banned from Flow.

Why use Flow:

Transactions sent to the public mempool do not generate revenue. However, how does one select the private mempool to send transactions to? Flow solve this issue by aggregating all private mempools, protecting against MEV and maximizing revenue for transaction originators.
Benefits for transaction originators (wallets & rpc providers)
  • Generate revenue from your your orderflow.
Benefits for bidders (block builder & OFAs)
  • Get access to exclusive orderflow.