Transaction status

We offer an API to keep track of transactions and their attached auctions. Transaction status can also be fetched via eth_getTransactionByHash.

Get the status of a transaction


Query Parameters

  "auction": {
    "id": "d65b1305-1135-4f96-8705-f89f35ceba4a",
    "status": "released"
  "id": "128d741e-3584-490e-8209-18260d77723e",
  "pending": false,
  "received_at": 1685028550472473,
  "status": "mined",
  "transaction": {
    "data": "",
    "from": "0x65D072964AF7DdBC25cDb726A97B4d1a04A32242",
    "gas": 21000,
    "hash": "0x3fbec2aa8b367d42e76030d12095a3c60cbaa57a408cd793f33e8a7abc179663",
    "nonce": 2,
    "to": "0x505ea9aC45A7D7919C12BA3eb47887dfE8D18604",
    "value": "200000000000000000"

Possible values for the status field of the transaction are:

  • mined: Transaction has been included in the blockchain

  • pending: Transaction is valid and could potentially be included in the next block

  • nonce_too_low: Transaction can never be mined because its nonce is too low, effectively dropped.

  • nonce_gapped: The transaction nonce is too high

  • not_enough_funds: The transaction sender does not have a balance high enough to pay for the transaction

  • base_fee_low: The base fee of the transaction is too low to be included in the next block

  • low_priority_fee: The transaction's priority fee is zero

  • not_enough_gas: The intrinsic gas of the transaction is too low.

  • unknown: There was an issue determining the status of this transaction, check again later

  • sanctioned: The sender or receiver is sanctioned by OFAC

  • gas_limit_too_high: The gas limit for this transaction is higher than the block gas limit

  • invalid_signature: The signature is invalid

  • underpriced: There is a transaction with the same nonce that has a higher gas fee.

  • expired: The transaction could not get mined in time and was discarded.

Possible values for the status field of the auction are:

  • open: The auction is ongoing

  • not_started: The auction has not started yet. The auction will only start when the transaction is pending.

  • closed: The auction is closed and bids will be processed very soon.

  • sent_to_relay: The auction bundle has been sent to builders, and we are waiting for the next block.

  • bundle_failed: The bid was not included.

  • bundle_success: The bid was included in chain, the auction was successful.

  • released: The auction is done and no bid was successful.

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