Mempool explorer

This page is primarily intended for RPC providers using merkle to provide MEV protection to their customers.

Transactions in the private mempool are hard to observe for customers. That's why we built the mempool explorer. Transactions sent to merkle can be tagged with a Source (see Send transactions via API and Send transactions via RPC). That Source can then be used to display a dashboard for a specific customer.

For example, suppose your company is called SuperRPC and you have a customer called Curve, when sending transactions, you decide to tag all transactions coming from customer Curve with the source super-rpc-curve. Then, you can display the following link:

This will display a dashboard with the list of transactions received and their status. The customer can also create a support ticket directly with us if they have any question.

Provide a white-labelled dashboard by using the API powering the explorer:

GET<source id>?limit=100&start=0

This API endpoint will return a list of transactions, ordered by time of arrival.

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