What is RFQ

RFQ is now generally available.
Head over to the merkle blockchain services dashboard to get an API key. Or trade using merkle swap.
Merkle Request for Quote (RFQ) is a intent-based swapping system that relies on MEV bots & market makers to fill swap requests from users.
After a trader submits an order, the RFQ system will open up a permission-less auction where bots and market makers compete to fill the order at the best possible price combining on-chain and off-chain data.
RFQ order lifecycle.
This RFQ system offers a few great features:
  • MEV Protection: Merkle RFQ & Merkle Swap are natively MEV resistant, all transactions are submitted through a private mempool.
  • Guaranteed best prices: RFQ is built for speed, in Rust, and can quickly match new bids to orders within 10ms of receiving them.
  • Privacy: All swaps are private until they are included on-chain.
  • No revert fee: Swappers never have to pay for failed swaps.
  • Gas free: Gas fees are included in the quote. No additional network fee is charged.
  • MEV Boost: If your swap generates MEV, it'll be used to give you a better quote.
  • Fast: Swaps are included in the next block 95% of the time.
  • Bribes: Swappers can choose how much they want to bribe block builders to include their transactions earlier.